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"What I am proposing is we shift the burden: It should not be on that working woman to prove it, it should instead be on that large corporation to prove they're paying people for equal work equally."

Kate Middleton designed a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show, which included an adorable nod to her children.

Why “evil” characters like Cersei and Daenerys got the short end of the stick.

A new web series tackles the highs and lows of the male modeling industry.

From a pedicure to waxing, here's exactly what to do five days before hitting the beach.

Game of Thrones is over, and the finale inspired fans to discuss, of all things, peak white male privilege, even in a fictional, dragon-filled hellscape.

A natural brunette who has previously gone ultraviolet and bubblegum pink, the 22-year-old actress is no stranger to taking the peroxide plunge.

When Prada announced its Resort 2020 show in New York we knew it was going to be big.

Last week, stars went for red carpet elegance and sharp tailoring.

The GoT finale didn't stand a chance against the fiery mockery of the Internet.

After two years of dating, congratulations are in order for the star couple.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s three children were photographed playing in nature at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Hollywood men are showing some skin.

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