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Whether he’s goofing off in a convenience store or doing kick flips in a L.A. parking lot, Olan Prenatt is always decked out. That’s not to say that he wears wild, over-the-top embellishments or head-to-toe designer looks, but he’s got that special sartorial something that has caught the attention of labels like Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, and Hugo Boss. Prenatt is a model on the rise with more than 50,000 Instagram followers and a spot on the Illegal Civilization skate crew (which often collaborates with rapper and fashion It-kid Tyler, The Creator). His olive skin, curly blond locks, and baby blue eyes are reason enough for photographers and major labels to obsess, but so is his penchant for riding around on his board in Jordans, pink Y-3 hoodies, and Hood By Air jeans. In both his modeling aspirations and his inherently cool street-inspired style, this androgynous skater kid is definitely one to watch—and keep up with—this year. Below, Prenatt talks about his love of happy colors, how he gets dressed for a day of skating, and which label he’s dying to work with in the near future. Describe your personal style. Why buy pants if they’re not leather? All jokes aside, I like unique and colorful clothes that most people couldn’t wear. When did you first become interested in fashion? I became interested in fashion when I was in middle school, because that’s when I really started to pick out my own clothes and dress myself—it became a fun hobby for me. When did you start skating? I don’t remember when I first started skating, but I do have pictures that show me with my skateboard, and the skateboard was way taller than me. What are some of your favorite fashion labels right now? My top two brands are Vetements and Mr. Completely. Most of the time I think designers tend to go overboard with their clothes, and it can look really outrageous. But no matter how crazy Mr. Completely gets with a design, it still looks put-together. All of the stuff from the Fall 2017 collection is so hard.   As an OG skater kid, does it ever bother you when designers try to reference the street and skateboarding in their collections? I skate in Jordans. Some people call it being a culture vulture, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with working with other communities. I really love the way that Vetements creates an image of clashing cultures—I want to skate for Vetements! Is there a particular skater whose style you admire? I love Braydon Szafranski’s style. He’s always dressed like a rock star in skate videos. What was the inspiration behind the design of the hoodies and tees you created for Illegal Civilization? My inspiration has always been my feelings. The Illegal Civ merch was colorful because I was happy. No matter how concerned I was that a design might not sell, I still wanted to make it simple. Are there any designers that you dream of modeling for? I want to model for Demna [Gvasalia] at Vetements. I want to model a full leather outfit by him and possibly design one together. Imagine him coming crazy with leather like he does with denim or cotton. Imagine deconstructed jeans with leather. What are your all-time-favorite sneakers? My military blue Jordan 4s. The off-white cream perfectly complements the blue, and they’re great to skate in. When you’re not in sneakers, what shoes do you like to wear? I don’t have them yet, but I really want the Hood By Air double cowboy boots. Other than that, I’d have to say my Yeezy 950s—they make me feel really official but still have that street vibe, and not a lot of shoes can do that.  

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In case you somehow missed it, Beyoncé is pregnant—with twins! The superstar made her announcement in, well, superstar fashion: kneeling in lingerie beneath an arbor of roses and under a pistachio-green tulle veil. Why? Why not? Knowles’s announcement—“We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes”—proved to be just what the Internet needed after a tumultuous week of President Trump’s executive actions and resulting protests. It seems that even in times as divided as these, the one piece of news that can bring a riven country together comes straight from the reproductive systems of our favorite superstar: Beyoncé. From the practical (“Please, Beyoncé, teach me about time management,” tweeted Cameron Esposito) to the ebullient (see skydiving .gifs), we’ve gathered some of the best reactions on social media, below.  

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Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, one of Ukraine’s two Fashion Weeks, kicks off today. The program has featured Ukrainian designers who have reached significant levels of success outside of Kiev, including names like Julie Paskal, who now shows at Paris Fashion Week, as well as Anna October, who has sold at Browns in London. But Ukrainian fashion, in the more traditional sense, has long had an influence on the runways. Take the peasant dress and blouse, the vyshyvanka: The Ukrainian folk-style costume made a local comeback after the 2014 Ukrainian revolution and later became an international street style hit. Nearly a decade before, Jean Paul Gaultier featured iterations of the vyshyvanka in his bucolic Spring 2006 collection. Additionally, male models wore men’s vyshyvankas underneath suit jackets, a look that was popularized by 19th-century Ukrainian poet Ivan Franko. A few years later, Gucci included a version in its rocker-bohemian–themed Fall 2008 collection. Valentino’s Spring 2015 Couture collection is one of the most-well-known examples of Ukrainian influence on the runway. Although originally referred to as Russian inspired by designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, the line boasted such traditional Ukrainian pieces as the zhupan—a woman’s coat—and a leibyk—a cropped embroidered vest. Ukrainian motifs aren’t always based on traditional folk style, however. Fall 2013 was the season of the Asgarda, an all-female group based in the Carpathian Mountains. Prabal Gurung referenced the martial arts–practicing enclave in his military-themed collection, while Gareth Pugh also cited the subculture. Today, Ukrainian influence on the runways shows no signs of slowing down. For Fall 2016, Sportmax presented dresses that resembled the borshivskaya sorochka, a vyshyvanka with bold embroidered stripes down the arms and thick pieces of fabric. An almost identical 19th-century version is tucked away in the archives of Kiev’s Ivan Honchar Museum: According to fashion editor and museum adviser Tatiana Solovey, the Sportmax collection was a “topic of conversation” on local newswires and Ukrainian Facebook groups. Even more recently, in the Dior Pre-Fall 2017 collection, “neo-folkloric” silver embroidery on a denim skirt was reminiscent of a Ukrainian motif seen on traditional wedding tablecloths called rushnyk. Above, see how Ukrainian culture has long influenced runway collections in the West.  

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Today, Beyoncé announced on her Instagram account that she and her husband, Jay Z, are expecting twins. The superstar posted an image of herself kneeling in front of a floral archway, swathed in a pale green veil. The image was somewhat bridal, and depicted the singer holding her growing belly while looking directly at the camera. Beyoncé wrote, “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters.” So, congratulations to the entire Carter clan! Blue Ivy is, no doubt, looking forward to becoming a big sister. And we, for our part, are looking forward to more stylish moments from the soon-to-be family of five.  

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It’s been a week and a half since Donald Trump assumed office. While the spotlight-loving president has been front and center since then, doing prime-time interviews and signing executive orders in front of photographers, there have been few sightings of his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, in the public sphere. After the inauguration, the conspicuously private Mrs. Trump quickly returned to her home in New York with her 10-year-old son Barron. While it was already widely known that the First Lady would remain living in her apartment at Trump Tower until Barron could finishes his school term in the spring, there are now reports that Mrs. Trump is considering holding off on the D.C. move indefinitely. If this were to be true, she would be the first First Lady ever to not live in the White House during her husband’s presidency. (Although Anna Harrison, President William Henry Harrison’s wife, never had a chance to properly move into the White House either, after her husband died from pneumonia only a month after his inauguration.) And while this might not come as a surprise for some—the Trumps aren’t known for sticking to tradition—the decision to stay behind in New York is not only unconventional, it could also end up costing taxpayers a lot of money. On Twitter, writer Ryan Chapman pointed out that the cost to keep Mrs. Trump and her son in New York was double the annual budget of the National Endowment for the Arts—an organization Trump’s administration is reportedly considering getting rid of alltogether. While some might be able to understand the First Lady’s hesitance in uprooting her entire life and that of her son—it is, at the moment, a commendably modern arrangement, not to pick up and move everything because of a job—one hopes that the administration will come to find a better use of those funds. Plus, as the Obamas can attest: D.C.’s got great schools!  

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In case you haven’t heard, logomania is back. Brand loyalists are no longer shy about adorning themselves with prints and labels. Never one to do a trend by halves, Lady Gaga stepped out in Prague yesterday wearing the kind of in-your-face monogram that takes the idea to its ultimate conclusion. Spotted in a plush jumpsuit covered in Fendi’s interlocking Fs, Gaga turned a trip to walk her dog Asia into a runway show. She complemented her ensemble with an extreme beauty statement: Painted gold leaf across her forehead in intricate designs. Factor in a bejeweled septum piercing, metallic sunglasses, and black heels, and the outfit felt closer to the wild fashions of her early days than her current Joanne-era minimalism. Pulling off the logo look from head to toe takes confidence, but these days there are a wealth of options to experiment with: Supreme-covered Louis Vuitton, oversize belts featuring the double C, and Vetements-style slogans covering nearly every product imaginable. While most won’t step out in full Zucca print, Gaga’s boldness is inspiring and appropriate. After all, when your next gig is the Super Bowl, who needs subtlety?    

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Comedy is all about timing—but then again, so is a great party. And last night, some of the biggest names in the business found themselves at the Museum of Modern Art at the exact right time for the Cinema Society’s screening of The Comedian. Starring Robert De Niro and directed by Taylor Hackford, the film—which has been described as part comedy and part drama—tells the story of Jackie Burke, a has-been sitcom star trying to resuscitate his comedic career. “Bob De Niro is not a comic,” Hackford said. “He’s a really great actor, but he worships comedians.” The crowd was a mix of both: costars Danny DeVito, Leslie Mann, and Edie Falco, as well as Helen Mirren, Judd Apatow, Trevor Noah, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson all came out to show their support. They had more than a few good laughs. “[De Niro] worked very hard to be as believable and authentic as he is onscreen,” Hackford said. “We must have seen 50 different comics, before he chose his style.” Hackford was joined by wife, Mirren, who made a high-low fashion statement in a Dolce & Gabbana dress paired with a canary-yellow Zara coat and a Zara faux-fur stole draped over the top. “It’s lovely to wear a beautiful designer from head to toe, but I’ve been longing to wear this coat!” Mirren said. On this occasion, Mirren was playing the part of supportive spouse, but she revealed she wears another hat in their relationship: “I’m the funny one. Oh, definitely. Absolutely,” Mirren said. “He refuses to laugh at my jokes, but I’m definitely the funny one.” With the New York City comedy scene as the film’s backdrop, The Friars Club was a natural fit for the after-party. The private space boasts a membership of many comedians and has hosted celebrity roasts over the years. Upstairs in the Barbra Streisand Room, guests sipped on themed Avión tequila cocktails—a pick of Jackie’s Comeback, the Friars’ Nightcap, and the Comedian’s Cocktail—in between small bites and conversation lasting into the wee hours. When posed with the question, Who would you most like to roast? Noah took the political route: “I hope he doesn’t skip out of it, but it would be Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents’ dinner.” DeVito, on the other hand, was quick to offer a joke: “It depends—sometimes I’m in the mood for vegetables, sometimes chicken, and sometimes fish.”  

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Name a bigger act of hubris than turning down $3 billion when you’re a 23-year-old college dropout. Imagine a more withering comment than saying such an offer “isn’t very interesting.” Then you’ll begin to understand why all eyes are on Snapchat cofounder Evan Spiegel this week, as his company’s expected to file an initial public offering for multinational company, Snap Inc., that’s been breathlessly evaluated as being worth up to $25 billion. The IPO has been expected for some time, as Snap reportedly locked in Morgan Stanley for financing last September, and quietly filed paperwork to get the process rolling in November. And of course, Spiegel hasn’t been shy about the company’s future: “We need to IPO; we have a plan to do that,” he said at a tech conference in 2015. So if it’s so obvious, why does it matter? Well, because such a decision could completely shake up the stock market—and maybe even symbolize how that tech bubble (and the American economy) is doing. It could also reveal just what this company is and wants to be. You know Snapchat as the little ghost app, allowing you to take six-second videos of your shoes that disappear. If you’re over 40, you might assume it’s a vehicle for sexting. If you’re under 25, it might be your primary means of communication with your friend group. But Snap Inc is trying to be more than that, introducing products such as Spectacles and acquiring companies specializing in augmented reality and mobile search. The Security and Exchange Commission’s S-1 form will require Spiegel is declare what kind of company Snap is—tech or media, messaging or content—and how it plans to make money. Snapchat has found plenty of ways to monetize, as you may have noticed through the ads that run between friends’ videos, or the sponsored events that gave partners their own filters and summarized stories. Just yesterday, the company introduced a new ad platform to allow brands to innovate and find eyes within the app. Their revenue was reported around $367 million in 2016, but is that enough for investors—and more importantly, is it enough to compete with Facebook, whose Instagram Stories has adopted several of the particulars (filters, disappearing content, stickers) that made Snapchat so attractive? Since Spiegel turned down that $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook in 2013, Instagram has introduced multiple new products that directly compete with Snapchat. It’s been blatant but effective, or “good enough and convenient,” as TechCrunch described the user experience. Facebook and Instagram (not to mention tech giants like Google and Amazon) know how to innovate constantly. People aren’t sure that Snap will be able to keep up. And then there’s Spiegel himself. While his rival Mark Zuckerberg hunkers down in a hoodie in Menlo Park, California, Spiegel is perceived to be a showier type: gallivanting around the world with his former Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend (now fiancée), Miranda Kerr. Who will get the last laugh? Only time—and the stock exchange—will tell.

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Those paying close attention to their fashion show invites noticed something unusual about Zac Posen’s when it arrived yesterday. The location of the designer’s February 14 show is none other than 13-17 Laight Street, the Tribeca studio he occupied for 13 years before moving his business to midtown. To celebrate his 15th anniversary, Posen is swapping the runway this season for a more intimate presentation of portraits. Photographed by Vanina Sorrenti, they’ll feature the designer’s muses new and old—Jourdan Dunn and Lindsey Wixson included—wearing his Fall 2017 collection. “I’m marking a milestone,” Posen said today, in the midst of preparations for the photo shoot. “I wanted something that felt authentic and showcased the clothing in the best light.” The new off-runway format may be something Posen sticks with for a few seasons. “When I started 15 years ago, there was a formula, almost like ‘fashion rules.’ But the industry is evolving. Designers have to work with the new environment, the new tools,” he explained. For his part, he’s convinced he can convey more emotion—not to mention more detail—in lasting photographs than he can in a fleeting 10-minute runway show. Sorrenti will shoot the portraits in Posen’s father’s Soho art studio, bringing his story full circle. “I haven’t shot there since my very first lookbook,” Posen said. “To me, it’s a sacred space, something to respect.” This is shaping up to be a big year for Posen. In addition to his anniversary celebrations, a documentary about his life and career, House of Z, will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, and his first cookbook is due in the fall.    

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There was a time when the mere mention of Scandinavia conjured images of towheaded stunners and naturally platinum beauties—but a recent survey of modeling’s most recognizable faces tells a different story. These days, the same Danish catwalkers who dominate the industry also lead the pack for a new national signature in the form of their perfect golden brown hair color. Case in point: There is theater student–turned–model Mathilde Brandi, the full-browed and lush-lipped beauty who captured the eye of casting directors at Calvin Klein Collection, Coach 1941, Céline, and Isabel Marant last year—making her an instant honey-haired standout on the runways. Caroline Brasch Nielsen’s long, tousled tawny layers perfectly frame her slivered cheekbones, while Regitze Christensen opts for straight, highlighted strands that she often piles into a messy topknot. As for Victoria’s Secret model Josephine Skriver, her precise shade of brunette conveys the kind of bombshell sensuality that’s perpetually Insta-ready. And the veteran Queen of Cool, Freja Beha Erichsen, is crowned with a headbanging shag of chestnut hair to match her devil-may-care, off-duty style. Here, in honor of Copenhagen Fashion Week, see the great Dane stunners and the sun-kissed brunette manes that define their looks.  

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  Well, hello to anyone who has risked the death-defying move of keeping a tight elastic on their wrist at all times. J.Lo has news for us: The reliably practical ponytail deserves much better. Consider Lopez’s next-level take in the style on Instagram last night: hair swept clean back, baby hairs groomed to face-framing perfection, a wraparound strand finishing the look, along with braided lengths. Sure, this was certainly the handiwork of a skilled hair whiz, but hardly a look that a long-haired girl can’t master on her own—extra points if you have the whole contoured cheekbones thing down.  

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Who can forget the great Serial obsession that took over late 2014? Week after week, thousands of people tuned in to find out whether or not Adnan Syed—a young man accused (and eventually convicted) of murdering his high school ex-girlfriend in Baltimore—was actually guilty of his crime. Serial’s enormous success helped relaunch the popularity of podcasts, as well as a number of copycats (as well as a second season on P.O.W. Bowe Bergdahl’s disappearance and trial) that debuted in its wake. But none of its successors were able to capture the fascination of the country quite like the original (and Sarah Koenig’s soothing voice) had. But there’s hope! Koenig and her Serial cocreator, Julie Snyder, have announced they’ll be developing a new murder mystery podcast series that could just become our next true-crime obsession through their company Serial Productions. Premiering in March 2017, S-Town will focus on a wealthy teenager in Alabama who was (allegedly) heard bragging that he got away with murder. Hosted by This American Life producer Brian Reed, the non-fiction limited series will also tell the story of “a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and the mysteries of one man’s life,” according to the show’s press release. And in case that description alone didn’t already pique your interest, just take Ira Glass’s word for it: “This story takes so many unexpected turns,” he said. “Every episode is a new surprise. And the story has this feeling and mood that’s different from anything else we’ve done. I don’t think people have heard a show like this.” Consider us curious.  

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With a week to go before the start of New York Fashion Week, the pretty young things are getting a head start on staying up late. Dior Beauty brought its Poison Club, a one-night-only soiree celebrating its latest fragrance, to New York hot spot and cool-kid staple Up & Down. Hosted by Camille Rowe, the evening’s invite might have called for everyone to come at 9:30, but the party was only getting started by 11:00. Bella Hadid, with brother Anwar, exchanged kisses and hellos with author and actress Keke Palmer, while Dianna Agron, Laura Love, and Rose Gilroy took in the graphic ambience and sweetly scented air. As the night progressed, the fete migrated to the club’s downstairs level, where the dancing lasted well into the wee hours. Perfect prep for the Fashion Week set.  

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  If Haley Bennett has flown under your radar—read: anyone who missed her luminous performance in The Magnificent Seven—she certainly hasn’t escaped the fashion world’s attention. After channeling vintage Hollywood allure with her bedroom eyes and pillowy lips while sitting front row at shows like Ralph Lauren and Dior, the actress made a beauty power move that’s sure to catapult her into a new camera-loving stratosphere—courtesy of editorial legend Garren. In an Instagram posted last night, a freshly shorn Bennett stands before the New York hairstylist (who has memorably chopped off the lengths of Victoria Beckham and Karlie Kloss in recent years), having traded in her shoulder-sweeping lengths for a micro crop that calls to mind Mia Farrow’s revolutionary pixie with just enough choppy bits at the nape to carry David Bowie’s mullet torch into the future. And who isn’t feeling a tad drastic these days? Forget trims, it’s time to go bold.  

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When Beyoncé calls, you answer. And the superstar has made a habit of enlisting like-minded women for her many projects. In the case of Lemonade, that meant cameos from famous actresses or G.O.A.T. athletes (Serena Williams, we’re looking at you!), and for Ivy Park, her fashion-forward athleisure range, the same tenets apply. Launching the label’s second campaign with a series of fresh images today, Beyoncé introduces a handpicked lineup of stylish and fearless influencers. While the Ivy Park message has always centered on sisterhood, the ads mark the first time she’s spotlighting such an array of talents. The Zoë Ghertner portraits feature Black-ish actress Yara Shahidi, rising model star Sophie Koella, and model/music royalty Selah Marley, along with new shots of Beyoncé herself. While each of the girls brings her own energy to the stylized images, they are united by a shared vision. From Shahidi’s impassioned tweets on political issues to Koella’s in-your-face Instagram updates, social media is a force they wield for good. “The most inspirational part of working for Beyoncé’s Ivy Park is how the brand is built around elevating and empowering girls of all sorts and all ages,” says Koella who appreciated the spirit of girl power that ran through the entire project. That sentiment was echoed by Marley. “Sports are usually only geared towards men, and [it is empowering] simply shining a light on the fact that yes, women play sports and yes, we’re also great at what we do,” says Marley. “I love that it highlights that women are capable of anything and we can dominate anywhere we go.” The bond shared by female athletes and women who simply love to work out serves as the recurring theme of the campaign. A former gymnast, Marley now throws herself into basketball, while Koella maintains a passion for skiing and running. In between acting and running Yara’s Club, a digital meet-up designed to engage students in societal issues, Shahidi picked up a black belt in karate. “Being physically fit not only helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle but for me, it connects spirit and body, it makes me more present,” says Shahidi. “I love what Ivy Park stands for and how Beyoncé is using this line to highlight the beauty and power of our bodies and spirits.” With each image taken at a park that meant something personal to the girls, the vibe on set was inspiring. “It was also basically like a large dance party in which I was just being myself while the camera was rolling,” says Shahidi. For Koella the campaign offered her the opportunity to showcase the landscape of her New Orleans home. “Shooting the campaign was very special for me,” says Koella. “The shoot was located in a cool airport hangar in the city where I grew up in.” Triple athlete Marley got a chance to show off her soccer skills—much to the chagrin of the cameraman. “We were asked to perform activities and sports we find enjoyable and through enthusiasm, I lost control and almost hit the cameraman in the face with the soccer ball!” she says. Given their genuine appreciation for sports, sisterhood, and all things Beyoncé, the campaign’s stars are already thinking of ways they can incorporate a little Ivy Park into their wardrobes. “I loved the oversized sweatshirt, which is great with skinny jeans,” says Shahidi. With plenty of athleisure already in her closet, Marley is already one step ahead, but she’s still got a wish list. “I’d probably wear the blue camo leggings with a cool cropped or graphic tee, and a pair of trainers,” says Marley. “Or you can even dress it up with a pair of sweats and heels. There’s a wide variety of outfits you can create that aren’t limited to exercising. It gives sporty girls a chance to feel chic and luxe—we can be cute on and off the court!”  

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